Choco Monarch

Choco Monarch

It was late midnight I couldn’t sleep. Like other humans, so I’m checking all my social media account from Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and end up with Linkedin.

Oh … I have a message!!

As part of our influencer/blogger program, I would like to invite you to our cafe specialized in Crepes, Waffles, Chocolates located at Al Ghurair Centre come with your friends and family & enjoy our desserts for free. 

FREE !!! I Jump a bit from my bed, well who doesn’t like free stuff ..? but the most important here is, someone approached me to do something which I want to do, Reviewing ..? not only that.

Become an entrepreneur, not the only dream I have I always adore Influencer how they can create their community by doing something they passionate too. Makeup, Travel, Food, Fashion, Lifestyle, etc. I do Blogging for more than a decade BUT I’m a D**K I’m a moody person and always forgetting what I want to be or do and I just end up being WASTED.

So I decide to Replay his message saying thank you for the invitation and I asked him what are the concept of their cafe and I also ask him if they have a website so I can have an idea ( trying to be professional, yeah ) oh You can also check their stuff at

The person who contacted me was asking me when he can expect me to come since I’m freakin excited I told him tomorrow afternoon and I asked him if I can bring 3 people with me. Yas all set up he agreed, I contacted two of my friends we agreed to meet @Alghuraircenter in Deira.

@Thechocomonarch located on the 2nd level of Alghurair mall ( the first mall in #dubai #history ).

Andrea decided to order Crispy Bowl basically its bowl of rice crispies filled with three kinds of #Belgianchocolate topped with marshmallow, it’s really ah!mazing but since it’s chocolate and rice crisp it feels so dry.

Suggestion: You can add it with a scoop of ice cream or fruits.

Inggrit ordered Monarch brownies, it says their signature brownie filled with chocolate & layered with again three different chocolate with ice cream on the side, honestly, you can find it in many places nothing so special with it it just brownie and ice cream with three layers of chocolate.




Suggestion: Since it just “kinda” you can find anywhere dessert I would suggest you to “play” on the garnish part it can be fruit or even matcha, cinnamon powder ( you can use it as an option ).

The last it’s me, I ordered Waffle Monarch it’s a waffle divided into two and they add some fruits in between and again with three layers chocolate, at least you won’t feel dry aftertaste because there are fruits.

Suggestion: You can add some nuts on tops of it such as almond and walnut.

So this is my review for @Thechocomonarchdubai, all in all, are good I can say it’s a worthy place to spend on “cheat” day.


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