Fashion oh fashion … 🙂 who doesn’t like to look stylish. From toddler to older everybody wants to look stylish. For me, style it’s about how you represent/ express your own uniqueness. I’m not a fashion or style expert, and I believe you don’t need to be expert, what you need to have in the fashion world is creativity, imaginative and know how to play with material, pattern and of course, you have to update with the trend. Last night was so stressful #lols Me and Radhika (friend of mine) we invited to attend #Arabfashionweek2018, and as usual, we are late! But we make it tho!!! So we were able to see three shows from LaCava & SHEIN are from China and Asmaraia from Russia.

Yoyo Zou, the designer and founder of La Cava Primera in 2011, graduated from Donghua University with a Master degree in fashion design and was the top designer for Tadashi Shoji. The products that she designed have been sold all over the world, in more than 40 countries. She has taken part in New York Fashion Week for many years, and her work has received an overwhelmingly positive response, it is especially loved by celebrities overseas and in China. The word La Cava originates from a famous musical named “beautiful woman”. The melody of the musical and the visual effect of our dresses will capture your love. Low key and luxury, delicate and elegant, oriental and western beauty will all be displayed in the design and make of our dresses. All of our dresses are handmade and make sure of your comfort, which will make your wedding unique and your beauty obvious to all your loved ones and guests. (

SHEINIt’s an online fashion shop with a very affordable price and pssst. It’s free shipping YEAY!!! (


The ASMARAÏA brand philosophy is to interpret traditional clothing of Eastern society, retaining all respect, abiding all norms and canons, but presenting it in a more original, modern and without exaggeration – a luxurious look. ASMARAÏA looks allow women to maintain harmony and peace, the confidence that not one of her movements will bring discomfort, will not expose her body, will not mark too clearly her outline, but on the contrary, will keep it in secret and safety. Carefully guarding the boundaries of a woman’s personal space, the elegant silhouettes of ASMARAÏA help her to remain an energetic source of attraction for femininity. Dressed in ASMARAÏA’s loose, closed, but by no means boring and banal outfits, a woman feels her dignity and virtue, grace and confidence, she gets real pleasure from her beauty, grace, from her true female nature, which only serves herself, without exposure (without exposing yourself). The external and internal world of the heroine ASMARAÏA are in complete harmony, they do not argue with each other, continuing, complementing and strengthening each other. They are like communicating vessels, inseparable from one another. (

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