What is the most depressing thing every morning for a woman ..? Myself ?! To think about what will I wear today? Sometimes I just want to wear a uniform so it can be so easy for me. I don’t need to waste my time to think of two pieces or a dress.

But again playing mismatching clothes it’s always fun!! and to do that it doesn’t mean daily you have to purchase new stuff. Mismatching thigs can be old old stuff and you just to add some accessories or do some DIY  .. Be Creative!

Nowadays there’s a lot of influencers out there having their own unique signature style which can be your references also there are lots of cool apps like #pinterest which can give you an idea for what to wear. Influencers who inspired my style is Brittany Xavier, Aimee song

In general, I love classy, casual, chic and sexy but also I love colors. I am not style or fashion gurus but if I can say something  … ” no matter what you wear to et the spark in you came out by your confident”



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